Wednesday, June 2, 2010

LOTD #15 ............. 06-02-2010

Sometimes I get bored and want to venture out and remember what it's like to be someone other than a content creator sometimes. So that means I revert back to my true self since I first stepped foot in SL back in 2006, a shopaholic. I decided to shop the lazy persons way (did I just say that? really.... REALLY?? After all I *am* sitting here on my caboose in front of my computer just clicking a few buttons...). Anyways, I paid a visit to good ol' xstreetsl! I aimlessly clicked through pages and pages of product when all of a sudden I saw something I didn't realize I *needed* to have. It's funny how that can happen. You don't know you need something until you see it? Even though I shopped "the lazy way" I still prefer to TP to main stores to see what other items the same creator offers. To what am I referring you're wondering? Why, it's the glasses I'm wearing called "Intuition"!! You can find them at a store called [Gos] Custom Eyeware. The glasses have a handy menu so you can change the frame/lens textures and do all sorts of other sparkly, shiny and cool things. My favorite part is the monogram! The side of the glasses are personalized automatically with your own avatars first and last initial! Woohoo! What a way to make a girl feel special (or egotistical, depending on how you look at it)! There's more than just eye-wear at [Gos], they also have some excellent quality sculpty furniture and gadgets. However, I tp'd there for what I had intended to get and then I decided I had to build an entire outfit around it. The rest of the store credits are listed below :)

Thanks for looking!

Store Details:
Pose: *ED* ProPosers hunt gift 2 (probably no longer available but might be sold in the store) by Fanny Willis
Hair: TRUTH Anya - night
Eyes: Curio - Tragic Eyes - Light Blue (No Shine) Small
Eyelashes: Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_N06
Glasses: [Gos] Custom Eyeware - INTUITION Bagged - wear
Skin: *League* Taylor Medium -Feline- Cleavage
Shirt: *Linc* Chemise Top Camo Black 1
Jacket: Armidi - (f) Classic Pinstripe Blazer Rolled Sleeves [Red]
Pants: *BOOM* Gettin Low Jean med v2
Shoes: SOREAL Superstars SMALL - BLACK/White RIGHT (SSP003)
Necklace: LacieCakes - *LC* E (SS) - To the Moon and Back Necklace Custom (Chloe)
Earrings: LacieCakes - *CCbyLC* - PITA Earrings (Multi-Piercing)
Bracelets: LacieCakes - *LC* E - Diva Bracelets (Black)

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