Friday, July 31, 2009

Teleport Problems Anyone?

I'm hoping I'm not the only one out there with this issue... If you're having the problem too I would highly suggest voting on the following JIRA I've found:

The Problem:
When wearing "highly scripted" attachments if I try to TP anywhere, I first get an error "Unable to complete your teleport request, please try again later". If I try to TP again too soon, I get an error "Teleporting is blocked". If I try to TP again before waiting at least 60 seconds I get logged out of SL.

Trouble Ticket Opened and Resolution Offered?
Sometimes, If I wait a few minutes without moving my avatar so my computer doesn't have load any new images, I can TP while I'm wearing the highly scripted attachments. Otherwise, I have to remove the attachements, TP, then put them back on (if I feel like it). OR I have to log out, then choose my destination sim via the login screen.

What "highly scripted" Attachments are you referring to?
  • Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine Shoes
  • My higher prim jewelry I create with a scripted HUD system for color/metal/gem change. (Each prim has a script in it to work with the HUD and listen to commands)
Since I own my own island I was able to do some investigating. I checked my avatar script time when I was wearing the highly scripted attachments and it was over 1 m/s. When I remove the heavily scripted attachments, my avatar script time falls under 1 m/s and I'm able to TP again.

The trouble for me didn't start until recently, because I *know* in the past my avi has been over the 1 m/s script time and I've had no problems TPing. SO WHAT CHANGED?! (not my computer, that's for sure!) *sighs* I just hope LL looks into it and it's resolved. It's business impacting not just to me but I'm sure to other people who sell scripted items.

As a side note. I'm able to teleport wearing scripted attachements. Just not as MANY scripted attachments :(

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Collaboration: LMC Poses & LacieCakes Mischief Sets!

I'm very excited to announce that I've collaborated with Chloe McMinnar, Owner of LMC. She's going to make adorable pose ball sets to go along with the mischief sets I'm creating. I have a TON of ideas (now I just need to get to work!).

If you're wondering what a "Mischief Set" is, well, it's just that. It's random objects that you can place around your house, mom & dad's house, your grandma's kitchen, the backyard, etc... to have a little fun and be "mischevious". Such as placing a cockroach in the candy jar or placing candy wrappers ALL over the floor! I have quite a few theme'd mischief sets out in the store now, with many many more to come. Some will be updates to existing sets but mostly I'll have a ton of new items.

The poses can be used to document your mischevious ways to send grandma and grandpa proof of your wreaking havoc at mom and dads. Or just for a fun, theme'd picture. If you go to the LacieCakes main store (also home to LMC's main store, check it out she has really cute gestures and does wonderful photography!) -- you'll see that there's a separate building dedicated to "KIDS mischief". Really its for the kids or kids at heart ;) so don't be scared to go in there. It's a gallery style building that features a picture (made by Chloe) showing off the pose ball set/mischief set props to give you an idea of the fun & mischief you can get into. Next to that will be the mischief set by LacieCakes for sale and the pose ball set by LMC for sale. So you can purchase just the mischief set, just the pose set, or both if you like!

Since I've been babbling, I'll show you the collaboration set we have for sale now at the main store. And a new mischief set I made (pose coming soon!).

MM, Freebies, New Stuff, Oh My!

Oh blog, how I've missed you. I've been on vacation for the beginning part of the month, then slowly and very difficultly getting back into the swing of the ways of SL. Upon my return, I now have a MM board at my main store. I'm capping the clicks at 65 in order to get the prize. I'll be updating the gift fairly often so it doesn't get boring. Right now I have an eyebrow piercing/nose stud combo in the board. SO be sure to stop by to click your chance at receiving it free at midnight SLT!

Next order of business, FREEBIES! I have the "Slice of Summer" Hunt gift out at the store. There's both a men's and women's gift. And I also have the "Lost Slipper" Hunt gift (women's tiara's only) at the store (it'll be gone after midnight SLT tonight!). So you'll want to take a minute to grab these freebies :)

Last, a few new items! \o/

Here are the piccies! Have a Happy Day Everyone!