Thursday, April 23, 2009

LacieCakes New Releases - 4-23-09

Piercings, Piercings, Piercings - I made a LOT of different piercings. I'm only attaching a few pictures, there's a lot more in the store. Oh, and ALL new releases are $159L and under - WOW! Stop by the store in world in second life to get yours now!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Keys to the VIP gridwide hunt

The "Keys to the VIP" hunt is another grid wide hunt but it's a bit different than the usual hunts we've been seeing:
+ All of the gifts provided by content creators are exclusive to this hunt never to be seen in SL again after the hunt is over.
+ You do have to pay to be a hunter (only $200L) which in my opinion, all of the free EXCLUSIVE items you get out of this hunt is well worth the small fee.

If you want to see more info on this hunt, what stores are participating and some really cool sneak peeks of the free gifts you'll get as a hunter, check out the official blog:

My store, LacieCakes, is lucky enough to be one of the stops on this hunt and I'll post what gifts I'm giving out closer to the hunts opening OR you just might see it featured on the official blog as a sneak peak, you never know ;)

I also have a kiosk so you can sign up to be a hunter.

Have a Happy Day!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

LacieCakes Policies & FAQ

SL only allows so many characters in picks so I figured it'd be a good idea to have detailed explanations when it comes to the LacieCakes policies.

I take great pride in my work, my business and customer service. The following policies are not meant to offend anyone nor are they set in stone because everyone's situation is unique. The purpose of the following policies are mostly to help me help you! Some of them unfortunately had to be created as a result of some bad experiences I've had as a content creator. Myself and my associates do our best to be as understanding and helpful as possible.

.:: LacieCakes ::. Staff:

These are the ONLY LacieCakes Staff members and only accept help from the following people:

✰ Owner/Designer: Lacie Chambers

✰ Manager/CSR Manager: Elissiana Saenz
she is your main point of contact for all matters related to:
- Undelivered Items/Transaction Failures
- In store promotions/contests
- General Inquiry
- Assistance with a product or issues

✰ Senior Customer Service/Greeters:
- Erik Xuisse
- Caidence Andel

✰ Customer Service Reps (CSR)/Greeters:
Are listed in my In-World Profile. Search for: Lacie Chambers

.:: Policies ::.
Of course all policies are subject to change on a case by case basis. We're happy to help you in any way we can to fit your specific need or situation.

-- If it's no transfer then there's no refunds and I will not send the item(s) to another avatar name. Be sure to read the ad before you buy, permissions are always listed.
-- The *only* exception is accidental duplicate purchase OR if there's a permissions error on my part... as long as you send myself or Elissiana Saenz a notecard with your name & transaction history for both items and the extra item is returned to me (if its transferrable) Otherwise...

Replacement or Store Credit is offered for*:
-- Undelivered Items/Transaction Failures (please troubleshoot first)
-- Anything within reason - we're willing to work with you.
*all requests must be received within 7 days of the original purchase.

- If you purchased an item as a gift through one of the vendors or through please make sure the person you are sending it to is online and/or not in busy mode.
- Do an inventory search for the item name.
- Check trash bins - sometimes the item is auto declined
- Try clearing your cache, relogging, then doing an inventory search. Sometime's SL is glitchy and items do not show up right away.

If the troubleshooting doesn't turn up your item:
** Send a notecard including: **
- Your Name & the name of the person we should follow up with
- Transaction history (located at - my account - transaction history)
- If the item was purchased through please include as much information about the transaction as possible

Please send all inquiries to: Elissiana Saenz - When we reply as standard procedure we may first ask to make sure you followed the simple trouble shooting steps.

-- The best way to contact us is through a notecard (be sure to include your name). It ensures that your request is received. We will respond as soon as we can.
IF you're sending a notecard in regards to ANYTHING PURCHASE RELATED, you are required to include TRANSACTION HISTORY (as noted above). If you do not include this very important information, then we are not required to respond.

-- We're no longer able to make "1 of a kind" custom orders. Meaning brand new jewelry creation not to be re-sold.
-- We ARE however able to personalize or slightly modify existing LacieCakes items for a small extra fee above and beyond the original jewelry price. Please send all requests to Lacie Chambers or Elissiana Saenz.
-- Also - we do take suggestions. It doesn't mean that your item will be made but we do record all of our suggestions and if the item does get created you will be contacted.

-- If I need to remake a chain/pendant/, it's considered a customization and does cost extra.
-- If you need this done, please send myself or Elissiana Saenz a notecard explaining what you need done and we'll get back to you with pricing/info as soon as we can. Please be sure to include your name so we can follow up with you.

-- 100% payment is required in advance before work will be started on any personalization/custom order request. If you cancel your order only 50% is refundable.

-- Are almost always no transfer.
Why? Because it's free. If you think a friend might like it, then feel free to show them where you got it so they can get their own copy :)

-- Items will *never* be sold with full permissions or copy/transfer.
-- I'm happy to offer you bulk pricing. If you'd like to purchase something in bulk, please send a notecard to myself or Elissiana Saenz with your name, the item name and quantity you need. We will contact you with a price quote as soon as we can.
-- Item permissions are always listed on the ad and will not be changed (unless it is to fix an error). If you want to get a no transfer item as a gift we have several methods to gift items such as: In store gift cards & deliver through

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you..." -- It's not about religion its about common courtesy.

-- When you come to us for assistance, please have the following in mind: We are dedicated to our product and our customer. We're understanding that every circumstance and situation is different. We value you and are glad to help you in any way we can.
-- We all get frustrated, we all have a bad day and we understand that. However, we have zero tolerance when it comes to verbally abusive individuals. Being mean or getting an attitude will not help us in helping you. In fact, it has the opposite effect. Rude people = we don't want to help.
-- Yeah, I said it. If I came at you with a b***** attitude you'd feel the same (don't say you wouldn't).
-- If you are verbally abusive we reserve the right to cease communications/assistance attempts and in extreme cases we may suspend access to the store or worse, place permanent bans.

.:: FAQ ::.

-- We're always interested in mall space that's stable with good visibility. Please send all invitations via notecard including a landmark. We do check out every location and will follow up with questions regarding our potential investment into your mall :)

-- No, if I had more time I'd love to be able to teach people how to build, but balancing SL and RL takes up a bit of time. There are many amazing building classes in the education section in events.

-- No I never have, and I never will. I do however sell/offer items in bulk. If you're interested in buying a large amount of a certain item send myself or Elissiana Saenz a notecard with your request and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

WILL YOU GIVE ME YOUR Scripts/Textures/Sculpts or tell me what they are?
-- No. Sorry, I've either paid for them and its against the TOS to pass them out OR I've made them myself. I do use xstreet a lot when I search for items I need.

-- It's impossible to document or know all of that information all of the time. Espeically since I accept public submission of pictures to post on the wall at the store. If I can tell you, I will (send a notecard with your info request).
-- No, I'm sorry I can't take you to the store to get the item. If I do it for one person, I'll have to do it for everyone and then I'll not have time to make new products for the store, and how boring would that be if I never released new items?

-- As of now I'm not looking for staff and the only staff I have are listed at the top of this page. So if anyone says that they are representing me or is affilated with me that is false.
-- If and when I do hire people, I will send a notice out in my subscribe-o-matic update group.

-- I am happy to network with you but I'm not looking for a business partner at this time.

-- No I'm not. My store name has been established in Second Life since early 2007 as a result of a nickname from a friend. I started with a photography business then moved to what the store is today.

-- No. My apologies but if I do it for one person, I'll have to do it for everyone. The popular thing now is to charge for votes, so that $L stacks up and would end up covering a lot of my rentals/land fees.

-- No. Random TP's/event spam will most likely cause me to remove you from my friends list.
-- I don't mind friend requests as long as you send me a quick note to introduce yourself

-- No. I work extremely hard and offer all of my products at a low/reasonable price.
-- You can earn freebies several different ways:

Join the LacieCakes subscribe-o-matic update group - I send special notices for my VIP. Why not? It doesn't use group room
✰ Suggestions. If you suggest something, and I make it, you get it free! If more than one person suggests an item the first person to suggest it gets it free.
✰ My store participates in several promotional hunts.
✰ From time to time I do have a Midnight Mania board/Lucky Chair in my store
✰ I have a discount/dollarbie section in my store and often have some listed on xstreet
I take public picture submissions featuring any LacieCakes product. If I choose your picture for my store I give out free gifts! Visit my store in world and click the "Pictures/Free Stuff" sign for more detailed info
✰ I *do* donate to charity/promotional events

No. Again, if I do it for one person, I'll have to do it for everyone. If I lend money to a bunch of people I might end up coming up short on my land fees and rentals and that would be sad :(

.:: Information ::.

*CC* BY LACIECAKES - what is that????
You'll see this note on a lot of my jewelry ads. Chloe Cain of *CC* Enterprises is my SL mom and my mentor. When I first started creating jewelry she allowed me the use of her *CC* jewelry HUD for bling on/off, color change & walk replace! Not all items include this HUD so please be sure to read the ad before purchase.

As of June 19, 2009, most all of my jewelry will be created with a new jewelry HUD system that I've invested in. It offers: Color Change, Gem Change, Metal Change as well as Bling on/off! Be sure to read the ad of the product you're purchasing to see if it includes this system. Not *all* item's will use it (mostly promotional/free items).

SWEET SOMETHINGS (SS) PERSONAL MESSAGE SYSTEM: "Because what you have to say means SOMETHING not nothing"
It's a scripted system that allows you to place a personal message in a jewelry item that can be played in open chat. It's a lot better than an engraving that can't be seen on the small prims that jewelry has. Please see the item ad to find out if your item includes this system already. It can be added to other LacieCakes items for a small extra fee.

LacieCakes Clickies! (*LC* (C!))
It's an interactive scripted system offered in some items that allows certain items to "talk" in open chat. When clicked by yourself or someone else, a blue menu drops down in the upper right hand of your screen giving you different options to choose from. When one of the options is clicked, the item will "say" something in green text in open chat.
Ex: [16:31] Lacie Chambers nervously twitches "NEED MORE SUGARRRRRR"





Thank you for taking the time to read all of this.
Updated 12-01-09
Lacie Chambers
.:: LacieCakes ::.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Releases 4-8-09

When I made my "Sugar Bunny" Necklaces for the bunny hop grid wide hunt, I had NO idea that "peeps" (sugary coated colorful marshmallows) were going to be so popular this season. I decided to take that and make a completely original and fun idea. I bring you the LacieCakes version of the peeps! I've also made one a dollarbie so please be sure to stop by the store or check out my xsl listings. Enough blabber, i'll just give you pictures. After all those say a thousand words anyways right? P.S. All items in this release are $109L or less!

Have a Happy Day!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

LacieCakes "The Bunny Hop" Gifts

I'm not sure if anyone really reads this thing yet (besides me) lol but I figured I'd post the gifts I had made for "The Bunny Hop". I know you're probably sick of me talking about it but it's the first HUGE grid wide hunt I've had the honor to be part of, so it's kind of a big deal *giggles*.

I had no idea that "peeps" were going to be such a huge deal in SL this year, but it turns out they are and I guess a lot of us got the same inspiration lol. When I think of the fun things for easter, even though I personally don't like eating them, Peeps are a bit of a trademark for me and my family at easter time. I decided to take on that idea and I made "Sugar Bunny" necklaces for the women. Inspired by the bunny peeps of course. I've included four different colors (blue, pink, purple and yellow) and each necklace has a nice touch of sparkle bling that can be turned on and off. The great thing is, it *does* fit on a child avatar if you adjust it properly and lower it a bit. It's more of a long chain on kids but it works quite nicely ^_^

The Men's gift (men's items are always a struggle for me) I've made a long cross chain. This also has the bling on/off option. Unfortunately its way too huge I'm afraid for kid avi's that may have also participated in this hunt. I really try to include everyone but I realize that some hunts are more meant for the adult community in SL and some are specifically aimed towards kids. Both of which I participate in.

So far these are the other Grid Wide hunts that I'm so lucky to be part of coming up in the future (besides The Bunny Hop):

- the "Missing Bunny" hunt: Run By: SandyZ Flores, This is for the SL kid community. Dates: 4-20-09 to 5-18-09. Blog:

- the "SL Discovery" hunt: Run By: Jenneh Thursday, Audra Siemens or Ikonn Giano. "Shops in SL really have it tough, but many are diamonds in the rough!" Dates: 5-1-09 to 5-31-09. Blog:

-"Through the Looking Glass" hunt: Run By: Anarya Elderslie. This hunt has an Alice in Wonderland "through the looking glass" theme. Dates: 5-25-09 to 7-4-09

- "Love Grid Hunt": Run By: Mafalda Ragu. Dates: 6-2-09 to 7-2-09

I'm going to be a busy busy girl!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Bunny Hop - I'm hop hop hopping!

So I've gotten through the first dozen or so stores involved in "The Bunny Hop".

I had found a blog where someone vented about a "cheater" sign that a store put up. I don't know about the specifics of the store but I'm a bit contradictory as to how I feel about it myself. I'm a content creator, but I'm also a consumer. Sometimes it's easy to forget that some of us are both.

As a creator, I work very hard to create quality items, many of which I give away for free. So after spending hours creating something, I can only hope that someone out there in the virtual world appreciates it. I don't think it's too much to ask that someone spend more than two seconds to locate a "hidden" freebie. After all it's a "hunt". I personally tried to make my egg somewhat easy to find. So in my content creators opinion, I wouldn't take offense to a "meant to be funny" cheater sign (meaning you are going where someone is telling you to find the item or going off of a "cheat sheet" rather than spending the time looking for it yourself).


(yes there's a but)

.... At the same time, as I'm also a consumer and realize that *I* agreed to be part of the hunt to give something away for free. The sole purpose is to give away that free item in hopes of getting my name out there, so people know my store and hopefully appreciate what I made and will come back to shop! So I *want* people to find my free gift... and whether they do it by searching on their own for hours and hours, or use a cheat sheet mapping out their every avi step... it doesnt really matter how people get the freebie, as long as they get it! Plus, some of the hidden items are just so gosh darn hard to find it's nice to get a little help when you have lots and lots of stores to go to! I'll admit though, I totally appreciate the cleverly hidden eggs that give me a chuckle (Scribble anyone?)

Anyways, that's my little rant. I figured I'd add my own little perspective on the cheater sign as to why people shouldn't take offense to it and just let it roll off their back. But, I'm a true virgo-libra cusp and tend to be stuck in the middle so that's why I included my comsumers point of view too ^_^

Have a Happy Day
Enjoy Hunting!