Saturday, April 4, 2009

LacieCakes "The Bunny Hop" Gifts

I'm not sure if anyone really reads this thing yet (besides me) lol but I figured I'd post the gifts I had made for "The Bunny Hop". I know you're probably sick of me talking about it but it's the first HUGE grid wide hunt I've had the honor to be part of, so it's kind of a big deal *giggles*.

I had no idea that "peeps" were going to be such a huge deal in SL this year, but it turns out they are and I guess a lot of us got the same inspiration lol. When I think of the fun things for easter, even though I personally don't like eating them, Peeps are a bit of a trademark for me and my family at easter time. I decided to take on that idea and I made "Sugar Bunny" necklaces for the women. Inspired by the bunny peeps of course. I've included four different colors (blue, pink, purple and yellow) and each necklace has a nice touch of sparkle bling that can be turned on and off. The great thing is, it *does* fit on a child avatar if you adjust it properly and lower it a bit. It's more of a long chain on kids but it works quite nicely ^_^

The Men's gift (men's items are always a struggle for me) I've made a long cross chain. This also has the bling on/off option. Unfortunately its way too huge I'm afraid for kid avi's that may have also participated in this hunt. I really try to include everyone but I realize that some hunts are more meant for the adult community in SL and some are specifically aimed towards kids. Both of which I participate in.

So far these are the other Grid Wide hunts that I'm so lucky to be part of coming up in the future (besides The Bunny Hop):

- the "Missing Bunny" hunt: Run By: SandyZ Flores, This is for the SL kid community. Dates: 4-20-09 to 5-18-09. Blog:

- the "SL Discovery" hunt: Run By: Jenneh Thursday, Audra Siemens or Ikonn Giano. "Shops in SL really have it tough, but many are diamonds in the rough!" Dates: 5-1-09 to 5-31-09. Blog:

-"Through the Looking Glass" hunt: Run By: Anarya Elderslie. This hunt has an Alice in Wonderland "through the looking glass" theme. Dates: 5-25-09 to 7-4-09

- "Love Grid Hunt": Run By: Mafalda Ragu. Dates: 6-2-09 to 7-2-09

I'm going to be a busy busy girl!

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