Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Bunny Hop - I'm hop hop hopping!

So I've gotten through the first dozen or so stores involved in "The Bunny Hop".

I had found a blog where someone vented about a "cheater" sign that a store put up. I don't know about the specifics of the store but I'm a bit contradictory as to how I feel about it myself. I'm a content creator, but I'm also a consumer. Sometimes it's easy to forget that some of us are both.

As a creator, I work very hard to create quality items, many of which I give away for free. So after spending hours creating something, I can only hope that someone out there in the virtual world appreciates it. I don't think it's too much to ask that someone spend more than two seconds to locate a "hidden" freebie. After all it's a "hunt". I personally tried to make my egg somewhat easy to find. So in my content creators opinion, I wouldn't take offense to a "meant to be funny" cheater sign (meaning you are going where someone is telling you to find the item or going off of a "cheat sheet" rather than spending the time looking for it yourself).


(yes there's a but)

.... At the same time, as I'm also a consumer and realize that *I* agreed to be part of the hunt to give something away for free. The sole purpose is to give away that free item in hopes of getting my name out there, so people know my store and hopefully appreciate what I made and will come back to shop! So I *want* people to find my free gift... and whether they do it by searching on their own for hours and hours, or use a cheat sheet mapping out their every avi step... it doesnt really matter how people get the freebie, as long as they get it! Plus, some of the hidden items are just so gosh darn hard to find it's nice to get a little help when you have lots and lots of stores to go to! I'll admit though, I totally appreciate the cleverly hidden eggs that give me a chuckle (Scribble anyone?)

Anyways, that's my little rant. I figured I'd add my own little perspective on the cheater sign as to why people shouldn't take offense to it and just let it roll off their back. But, I'm a true virgo-libra cusp and tend to be stuck in the middle so that's why I included my comsumers point of view too ^_^

Have a Happy Day
Enjoy Hunting!

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