Sunday, April 18, 2010

.:: LacieCakes ::. New Stuff 4-18-2010

Now Available for sale at my main store or on xstreet!
Also... LacieCakes is now on FaceBook! Feel free to add me!!
P.S. Don't forget, the LacieCakes flickr photo contest ends April 30th! Click the link for details :)

Thanks for looking!

Friday, April 16, 2010

LOTD #13 ............. 04-16-2010

If I was ever asked what I felt my biggest weakness is, it'd be procrastination. Although this information (in my blog anyways) is last minute, it might just save you from missing out on a very awesome EXCLUSIVE pose pack. As you may already know, Pose Fair 2010 ends today 4-16-2010. With that, today is also the last day you can grab the exclusive Pose Fair 2010 Pose Sets! There are two different sets, one for males and one for females. Each set is $500L each and features 104 poses total compiled from many of the stores involved at the fair. As if the deal couldn't get any sweeter, 100% sales proceeds of these sets are being donated to the charity called "Motivation". The icing on the cake is, you can purchase the sets directly from xstreet! Click Here for the Female Set. Click Here for the Male Set. Click Here to TP to the Pose Fair (today is the LAST day).

As far as the other things I'm wearing/using please see the store credits below!!

Pose: PF10 - F - Slash Me Poses
Photo Scenery: :[MudHoney]: Designs - Glam Dressingroom Photoble
Hair: >TRUTH< Mena - driftwood
Eyes: Curio - Tragic Eyes - Light Blue (No Shine) Small
Eyelashes: *SiSSi* Prim Lashes 01
Skin: Pink Fuel [PF] Skye - Flirt (ltbrow)
Eyebrow Shape: Pink Fuel [PF] Skye Eyebrows (arch)
White Cami (undershirt): - fri. - Basic Cami (White) - Under
Pendant Tank (shirt): So Many Styles - {SMS} Pendant Tank White 2
Jacket: [PO] Jacob's Blazer - off black
Earrings: LacieCakes - *LC* E - Zaria Earrings
Ring: LacieCakes - *LC* E - Rosella Ring (White)
Jeans: ::EmJay:: Low Rider Jeans- Super Dark
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

.:: LacieCakes ::. & Pink Shirt Day 4-14-2010

I've made a "Rose Basket" NomNom with pink roses in honor of "Pink Shirt Day" for Anti-Bullying awareness brought to SL by December Dollinger. Myself and several other creators are offering some goodies in support of this cause.

TP to the .:: LacieCakes ::. Main Store to get your free gift!

If you're wondering what it's all about...

Bullying happens when someone scares or hurts another person on purpose, physically, mentally, or emotionally. Usually, this happens on a repeat basis - the victim being attacked over and over, an unable - or afraid - to defend themselves.

Bullying can include physical violence, spreading bad rumors, purposefully excluding another person from a group or activity, teasing in a mean or inappropriate way, or even gathering others to "gang up" on others.

Cyberbullying happens electronically. This can include some of the categories of normal bullying, but can also include posting nasty rumors, pictures, or messages about others on blogs, forums, or other websites, or using another's name to pose as them and spread rumors about them via the internet.

YOU can make a difference! If you see someone being bullied and do nothing about it, you are just as guilty as the bully themselves. Turning a blind eye to any kind of abuse is only enabling the abusers to continue harming others. Speak up! Stand up! The more people are willing to stand up for what they believe in, the less power the bullies will have to abuse and control others.

So, please, take a a stand against bullying, in your First and Second Life. Bullying is not something only felt by school-aged children, but by millions of people worldwide - of all ages, genders, knows no limits.

Until now. WE can be that limit.

For more information on bullying and prevention, please visit:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

LOTD #12 ............. 04-08-2010 - How I spend my Saturday nights

This is a rare glimpse folks... How I spend my Saturday nights! Actually... the look's inspired by the little light bulb that went off above my head as I was trying out the new poses I grabbed at the Pose Fair (which lasts until April 16th). Katey Coppola of Glitterati has released a pose set called "ROCKSTAR". It's available in a male or female set. I bought the female set (obviously, I hope). The purchase of this $200L set includes 5 different poses with guitar props. I felt good about my buy because it benefits the charity called "Motivation". The specific pose I'm using for the photo is "ROCKSTAR - Guitar F - 3".

As I was trying the pose, the scene I'm illustrating in the photo popped into my head. Because, yes, maybe I would dance around in my underwear belting out some of my favorite songs I'm listening to on the radio whilst trying to relieve some weekend boredom... maybe... or maybe I just wanted to show off my new skin from Tuli! yeah.... XD

Now that I've given you a nerdy look into the possible real me *blush*, feel free to see the credits of the other items you see in the photo!

Pose: Glitterati - Rockstar - Guitar F - 3
Photo Scenery: MudHoney/Glitterati - Rouge Getaway Photoble
Boom Box: Freebie Found on Xstreet
Hair: .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Gattina - Vanilla
Eyes: Curio - Tragic Eyes - Light Blue (No Shine) Small
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 4/li) 02b
Bra & Panty Set: + blacklisted + Bad Things (tru-blood) Lingerie Set by TG
Socks: *BOOM* Cuffed Socks (white)
Bracelets: LacieCakes - *LC* E - Diva Bracelet Pack 1 BWR (metal change only) (white shown)
Garter: LacieCakes - *LC* - Femme Fatale Garter - White

Friday, April 2, 2010

.:: LacieCakes ::. HUNTS!!

.:: HUNTS/EVENTS LacieCakes is Participating in ::.
With Hints! :o

Collect the ENTIRE "Gabriella" Set spread throughout different hunts...

✰ Diamonds in the Rough Hunt: 4-1-10 to 4-30-10
Item: "Gabriella" Necklace
Hint: There's diamonds sprinkled all over the sim, but this one sticks out like a sore thumb. "One of these things doesnt belong" *hums*

✰ April Showers: 4-1-10 to 5-1-10
Item: "Gabriella" Earrings
Hint: There is such a thing as a Raining Chandelier, but where you find the April Showers Hunt prize takes it quite literally...

✰ Just For the Girls: 4-1-10 to 4-30-10
Item: "Gabriella" Bracelets
Hint: I think someone forgot their hat after sitting to have a rest. Hopefully Hammie the Hamster won't decide to nibble on it.

✰ Hunt For Hope: 4-1-10 to 4-7-10

Also, I'm participating in the "Hunt for Hope". Items are hidden in official Relay for Life vendor eggs. They aren't free, but 100% sales proceeds are donated to Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society. On my sim, you're looking for two eggs. A pink egg & golden egg as seen in the photo example.

Item: "Becca" Earrings
Price: $10L item (100% sales donated to RFL)
Egg Color: Pink
Hint: When you're on your way to the LacieCakes shopping plaza, you'll want to stop and smell the flowers...

Item: "Harmony" Necklace
Price: $125L item (100% sales donated to RFL)
Egg Color: Golden
Hint: A lamp is shedding some light on this special Golden Egg.

✰ Mixed Up Bunneh Hunt: 4-1-10 to 4-6-10

Location: The Juicy Sim
Explanation: Brought to you by: Malt, Sunny, Copley Square, Juicy, Juicy De Costa, and Mirabella

Over 40 stores across 6 sims have come together to make this Easter a little bit sweeter for everybody

Oh nuu! In all his hopping excitement to hand out little chocolate versions of himself and peeps to the shop owners, the Easter Bunneh bounced Eggs all over the sims! Find and return them to their owners for an Easter surprise of your own!

Hidden on each of the 6 sims will be a number of Easter Eggs spread out by the Bunneh. Help these top-notch clothiers, interior designers, accessorizers and so much more find and return their Eggs to the baskets by their stops entrance. There will be an information board by the TP point of each participating sim to provide detailed instructions.

Item: "Deanna" Bracelet
Hint: This egg is hiding, scared by some of the pictures it's seen as a result of some people's adventures in the photo booth...

Happy Hunting!