Friday, April 2, 2010

.:: LacieCakes ::. HUNTS!!

.:: HUNTS/EVENTS LacieCakes is Participating in ::.
With Hints! :o

Collect the ENTIRE "Gabriella" Set spread throughout different hunts...

✰ Diamonds in the Rough Hunt: 4-1-10 to 4-30-10
Item: "Gabriella" Necklace
Hint: There's diamonds sprinkled all over the sim, but this one sticks out like a sore thumb. "One of these things doesnt belong" *hums*

✰ April Showers: 4-1-10 to 5-1-10
Item: "Gabriella" Earrings
Hint: There is such a thing as a Raining Chandelier, but where you find the April Showers Hunt prize takes it quite literally...

✰ Just For the Girls: 4-1-10 to 4-30-10
Item: "Gabriella" Bracelets
Hint: I think someone forgot their hat after sitting to have a rest. Hopefully Hammie the Hamster won't decide to nibble on it.

✰ Hunt For Hope: 4-1-10 to 4-7-10

Also, I'm participating in the "Hunt for Hope". Items are hidden in official Relay for Life vendor eggs. They aren't free, but 100% sales proceeds are donated to Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society. On my sim, you're looking for two eggs. A pink egg & golden egg as seen in the photo example.

Item: "Becca" Earrings
Price: $10L item (100% sales donated to RFL)
Egg Color: Pink
Hint: When you're on your way to the LacieCakes shopping plaza, you'll want to stop and smell the flowers...

Item: "Harmony" Necklace
Price: $125L item (100% sales donated to RFL)
Egg Color: Golden
Hint: A lamp is shedding some light on this special Golden Egg.

✰ Mixed Up Bunneh Hunt: 4-1-10 to 4-6-10

Location: The Juicy Sim
Explanation: Brought to you by: Malt, Sunny, Copley Square, Juicy, Juicy De Costa, and Mirabella

Over 40 stores across 6 sims have come together to make this Easter a little bit sweeter for everybody

Oh nuu! In all his hopping excitement to hand out little chocolate versions of himself and peeps to the shop owners, the Easter Bunneh bounced Eggs all over the sims! Find and return them to their owners for an Easter surprise of your own!

Hidden on each of the 6 sims will be a number of Easter Eggs spread out by the Bunneh. Help these top-notch clothiers, interior designers, accessorizers and so much more find and return their Eggs to the baskets by their stops entrance. There will be an information board by the TP point of each participating sim to provide detailed instructions.

Item: "Deanna" Bracelet
Hint: This egg is hiding, scared by some of the pictures it's seen as a result of some people's adventures in the photo booth...

Happy Hunting!

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