Monday, October 19, 2009

Trick-or-Treat Kids Grid Hunt HINTS!!!

I've offered to help gather hunt hints for the "Trick-or-Treat Kids Grid Hunt".
Click here for the official blog

1) .:: LacieCakes ::.
Hint: "TRICK OR TREAT" you say? Seek out the free for all candy bowl...

2) Beldimi Gestures
Hint : the ghosts have seen your candy

3) Mi's Tee's
Hint: What scary Halloween movie is on TV today?

4) !Drac
Hint : are you coming soon to check out our hunt?

5) Tots Rule
Hint: its right behind the only object on the floor to hide it behind.

6) KandiiWrapper
Hint : To find your treat follow the sweet scent of icecream and strawberry

7) KOodOles KiDz
Hint: lay down take a nap when you wake refreashed you will find your treat!

8) Second Look Art & Photo Studios
Hint: You should hurry to find the candy before the frog and lizard get it!

9) Cool 4 Kids
Hint : Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

10) Happy ToTs
Hint: Look at all the great new stuff!

11) Inara's Fantasy Couture
Hint: TP to kid's section

12) !SMK in the SKY!
Hint: The King and I wait no burgers and I!

13) GiftHorse
Hint: what a great way to cook some yummy candy.

14) AlleyCat Designs
Hint: its as easy as looking on the ground.

15) Cutie Bootie Gestures
Hint : look wif da bunnies

16) Buttons & Bows (location one)
Hint: lets see who is online today.

17) ClingerZ!
Hint: whats that bear painting could it be a picture of the yummy candy?

18) Sweeter Than Candy Kids
Hint : I like to look at the flowers!

19) NekoTopia
Hint : kids playing hide and seek, Outside is where you might find this little one.

20) Rathwynn`s Arms & Armor
Hint : Candy for two seasons, whatever the reasons.

21) Taz Mania
Hint : Look for the candy in the play house

22) FlufferNutterz
Hint : The Pumpkin Ate It! :D

23) LoveKnot Weddings
Hint: what pretty red roses she carries just don't let them fall on the ground.

24) ~LilyPads~
Hint : Go upstairs and have a seat, by a pumpkin find a treat

25) Coull Creation
Hint: when Alice's ears itch, candy is a great cure.

26) Tree House Treasures
Hint : Trick or treat smell my feet and I will give you something good to eat!

27) Kokee's
Hint : It will be by the Love Bud Plant Ad.... (idk a cheesy hint to put lol)
maybe... 'Please grow my lil' love bud' haha

28) Rainbow Adoption Agency & Mall
Hint: "Where the birds sing and the butterflies fly"

29) Slumber Kidz Furniture
Hint: in the witchs lair careful it not just pumpkins she brews

30) *Fairy Pearls* design
Hint: Do you like Unicorns?.....i do ;)

Hint: lil MAXINE NEED A a NAP ....YAWL!!

32) Cherrie's Designs for Kids
Hint : Wow look at that tail!

33) Flutterfly Sugarplum
Hint: look high!

34) At WIts End Gestures
Hint : All The Good Candy comes in Bulk

35) Amaya's Music Gestures
Hint : watch your step

36) Michigans Shack
Hint : click the hint board when you land at the store

37) Twiple Twouble
Hint: None Given

38) Meu!
Hint : "It´s time for pumpkins but only cats can run and hunt small objects to play with..."

39) Apple Blossom Kids
Hint: feeling lucky?

40) Bethany's Boutique
Hint: lets calls some friends.

41) Souzou Eien
Hint : How'd this bit of candy get up in that tree? Better get it before the Birdies do!

42) Cheeky Pea
Hint: is luck on your side to find the candy in time?

43) The Black Orchid Shop
Hint : Pokemon...Gotta Catch Them All!

44) Razz-A-Matazz Cakes & Invitations
Hint : "Can you stand on your head?"

*45) AmberMyst Botanical Designs
Hint: None Given

46) Gothy Totz
Hint: have a seat and build a fire but dont let the candy melt.

47) Pooka Creations
Hint : I love carrots! Almost as much as I love punkins. There sure are a lot of punkins here...

48) LeoDesiGn
Hint : You will find the Object outside by the ghosts:-)

49) Follow The Rabbit
Hint: find the pumpkin that like tips :)

50) Secret Oktober
Hint: sit and have a look around.

51) A Lil' Sum'em
Hint: follow the trail and have a seat.

52) Sassafras
Hint: Happy Halloween!

53) Second Music Blog SL
Hint : Under one of chairs

54) JG Designs
Hint: None Given

55) Buttons & Bows
Hint: every girl needs skirts!

56) ROOM 312
Hint : Make sure to step next to me for give you a big big hug!
Hug me and at my back you will see my treasure ;)

57) DID Safe Haven
Hint: Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me! But whats this? a stow away?

*58) Gnoodle'sz
Hint: None Given

59) BeanTown Creations
Hint : Sleep tight, Don't let the bedbugs bite!

60) QT's Closet
Hint : Look high, look low look behind an AO.

Hint : Nice relaxing and lazy place to spend an afternooon or take a nap or fish

62) !Kidz Printz!
Hint: None Given

63) Raggedy Annie's Kids Stores
Hint : Once upon a midnight chilling. Suddenly there came a ripping whipping, at my chamber’s door.
“’Tis the third-floor,” I muttered, “flipping at my chamber’s door

64) Cluck A Lot
Hint: None Given

65) *~*Sunhsine Design Kids*~*
Hint : Candys are like FREEBIES

66) Super Kids
Hint : Ask the headless Noobie.

67) Taz Mania
Hint : Two left clicks on the Alice door,
Will take to our upstairs store.
Camp there for a little while,
And while you're there, admire our style.

68) Free to be 'we'
Hint: Maybe a book to read to your kids?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

LacieCakes - Kids Fair 2009 Exclusive Item!!!

.:: Cheerful Canvas Necklace Set ::.
Includes 2 necklaces (1 adult size, 1 kid size)
perfect as a mother/daughter set

This item is a 1-of-a-kind exclusive item and is up for auction at the Kids Fair 2009
100% of auction earnings are being donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Kids Fair Dates: October 18, 2009 to October 25, 2009
LacieCakes Booth #: 45
Click Here to see the 50% split item! (50% of the sales go to charity)

Thanks for looking!

I hope to see you there!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

LacieCakes - Hunts

It's been a while since I updated my blog with the hunts I'm having my Second Life store participate in... so here goes.....

✰ Make Him Over Hunt 2: 10-15 to 11-15
(picture of gift above)
✰ Trick or Treat Kids Hunt: 10-17 to 11-7
(no picture of gifts but I'm giving away 2 different colored flash lights that attach to the hand & Red, Yellow & Orange Rock Candy NomNom's with special halloween phrases)
✰ Changing of the Seasons: 11-1 to 11-15
✰ Christmas Hunt: 12-1 to 12-31
✰ Sharing is Caring Hunt: 12-15 to 1-15-10
✰ New Years Resolution Hunt: 1-1-10 to 1-31-10
✰ Heatwave Hunt: 1-15-10 to 2-15-10

Also, due to unfortunate circumstances, I dropped my store out of the Halloween Hunt but I made some nice mens & womens halloween dog tag necklaces. I've put them for sale for free in the store (look for the pumpkins) :)

TP to my store In-World


LacieCakes New Stuff 10-14-09

Since Pictures are worth a thousand words, I'll let the ads do the talking :)

Buy In-World In Second Life

Buy On XStreet

Sunday, October 11, 2009

LacieCakes @ KIDS FAIR 2009

As I'm working, I decided to take a break to post a sneak peek of one of the items I'm making for KIDS FAIR 2009.

Dates Are: October 18th-25th


Some sales & exclusive auction items to benefit: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

LacieCakes "Posh Princess" Necklace
- Includes 6 pearl colors: White, Natural, Pink, Purple, Blue & Green
- Includes ALL 26 letters A-Z (for this reason this item is no modify/yes copy/ no transfer)
- Includes *LC* Evolve HUD for Metal Change, Gem/Color Change & Bling on/off
- Sculpted Prims Used
- Slight Glow Effects
- Attaches to chest (but its copy so you can edit it to attach to other points as well) :D
Price: $400L (50% donated to charity)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

LacieCakes & Breast Cancer Awareness Month Oct 2009

I've collaborated with Katey Coppola/Katey Ghost of Glitterati Poses and in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Oct 2009), I've created a BEAUTIFUL all pink "Hope" Ring. 100% of the sales will be donated to Breast Cancer Care at the end of the month. You can purchase this In-World Only at my Main Store in Second Life.

Also, there's a donation kiosk there as well as ten fabulous free poses from Glitterati! Come get yours today :)

LacieCakes Evolve Jewelry HUD V2

I've added several new funky metal colors such as red, hot pink & more to the *LC* Evolve Jewelry HUD!!! Also a new fun gem color. Remember it only works with *LC* Evolve compatible jewelry. But isn't it so cool you can get different looks out of your jewelry by simply updating the HUD? Also, I made it modifyable so you can reset the scripts if for any reason the HUD locks up on you because of lag. ((the scripts are *not* modifyable, but the HUD itself is). I have it available in-world at my main store only. It's only $1L -- in other stores normally you'd have to pay thousands for a fat pack to have this many options!! I LOVE THIS HUD!!

New Releases 10-6-09

Shop In-World in Second Life
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