Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Storybook Hunt

The StoryBook Hunt Dates:
June 1-June 25, 2009

The gift I made is for the women only (since I'll also have the "Make Him Over Hunt" item out around the same time). The fun thing about this hunt is you not only get gifts from each store, you also get a story to piece together.

When I got to thinking about "storybooks" for some inspiration for a gift... one of my childhood favorite storybooks (even tho this isn't a kids hunt) is "Goldie Locks and the Three bears". Hmmm the three bears.... bears.. bears.... as I was playing my "Winnie the Pooh" THINK... THINK... THINK gesture over and over again... it dawned on me.... A GUMMI BEAR NECKLACE!!! I MUST MAKE IT!!! Sooo, thats what gift you'll be getting if you stop by to grab it at my store during the dates listed..... I keep forgetting to add my SLURL... so here it is!!!

Fun In The Sun Grid Wide Hunt

The Fun In The Sun Grid Wide Hunt Starts: June 1st and Ends: June 30th 2009

I've created both a mens & womens item for this hunt. I wasn't feeling very inspired to create and one day I woke up with the "I'm on a boat" song in my head. My favorite part of the song is "I've got my swim trunks and my flippy floppies..." -- it cracks me up every time! SOOOO that's where I got my inspiration!

I decided to make a flip-flop necklace for the girl's (a diamond/platinum version & tropical colored/platinum version) and a swim trunks necklace for the guys. But it wasn't fair for the girl's to get two things and not the guys so I also made a tooth/fang necklace for the guys too!

Oh yeah!

For some extra fun -- I made a gesture that has my favorite part of the "i'm on a boat" song so you'll be getting that too! ^_^

Make Him Over Hunt

The Make Him Over Hunt runs June 1-June 30th and is for men's items only! I'm really glad to see something special just for the guys!

The free gift I'm giving out for this hunt is the "Tagged" dog-tag necklace. It has a dark silver military style ball chain, black silencers and gun engravings.

I actually offer the "Tagged" dog-tag necklace in my store as a custom item where you can choose the chain style, metal color & engraving type for a reasonable price. The custom order one has color changing silencers, bling on & off and can also have gems added to the tags.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Through the Looking Glass Grid Wide Hunt

My store has had the privelege to be accepted to a variety of grid wide hunts. Through the Looking Glass is one of those hunts. The theme is "Alice in Wonderland" - and her mad journey through second life xD

You can check out the official blog here:

And the bloggers at Love/Hate have graciously taken their time out to review the hunt items as well as offer some sneak peaks. Their blog is here:

On to the gifts I've created for this hunt!

I was pretty stumped as to what to create for the womens gift for this hunt. I watched Alice in Wonderland a couple times for inspiration and I just couldn't seem to come up with anything. Then a light bulb went off! Ding Ding Ding Ding! (obviously an alarm went off too lol). A headband! When I think of Alice - I always picture her with a headband on. So I got to work and created a color change headband! But I thought it was too simple so I wanted to throw something else in there so I also created a color variation of the "Betty"necklace I have for sale in my store (that and it matches with the headband quite nicely if I do say so myself).

The men's gift... well I had a lot of fun with that. Before you ask: "Lacie, WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING!?!?"... let me explain!!

I'm sure you're wondering if I've gone MAD with the men's gift I made for the "Through the looking glass" hunt. Perhaps I have ;) But let me explain! I wanted to make something novelty and REALLY FUN!

The "Through the looking glass" book is actually based around chess pieces. I figured it'd be fun to make a men's chain that featured a chess board and a "King" chess piece... as you can tell when you put the chain on, it's HUGE! Which made me laugh and think of Flava Flav's fashion of wearing super sized accessories. The next thing I thought of when it comes to Flava Flav's stylings is the infamous viking hat. I had to run with it, and made a Mad Hatter/Viking Hat to go with your new huge chain. That and it's only fair, the women got a necklace & something to wear on their head too! Oh and if anyone uses the men's gift for some kind of club event - if you win it - let me know!!! hehe.

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New Releases 5-27-09

I've noticed that I've been doing new releases about every two weeks. I *hate* only releasing about one or two items so it's usually a few and I don't want to flood this blog with tons and tons of pictures so I'm going to post pictures of some of my favorite's at the bottom. As always it's best just to visit the store and take a look at what I have to offer.

I have a new dollarbie out (pictured below) and it took me a really long time to make the "Garden" Earrings (also pictured below) but the results I just LOVE. They're the kind of earrings you can wear and not need any other jewelry to go with it. They just have this super glamorous feel to it, and I LOVE the latticing!

I've also made quite a few new photo necklaces and I've been really into double layered necklaces. This month has been pretty family oriented. I've made a new "MOM" double layered necklace, an Aunt & Grandma necklace.

DON'T FORGET! -- Sunday, June 21, 2009 is FATHER'S DAY! So I've made a new #One Dad Necklace, UNCLE necklace & Grandpa necklace for the guys.

Plus I've got a few new things for kids! Such as: A "Mommy's Make-Up" mischief set (because we all love to cause a little harmless mischief thats easy to clean with the click of a return button). It's a fun compilation of extra large sized make up that you can place all over the house (extra large so the prims don't get lost & can be seen!). Some of the jars are even tipped over with the appearance of spilled make-up. I even went so far as to create prim attachments for the face so it looks like you're wearing some horribly messy eyeshadow and lipstick -- as well as so messy nail polish gloves xD

Also, I was inspired to make children's "Left Hand" Family Rings. There's a girl's and a boys version. The idea behind a family ring is usually based around a second marriage where either the bride or groom or both have children that are also entering into the change of a new marriage. It's meant to signify not only the husband and wife being unified, but also the children. I found this idea of doing something special for your children to be very touching.

To expand on the idea though, a new marriage doesn't have to be the only reason to show your kids that you love them and think they're an important part of your family unit. You can do that at any time and any day.

Well, I think that's about it for now. xD Until next time!

Have a happy day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

LacieCakes - Grid Hunts

The following are gridwide hunts that my store is part of. Every hunt I put out something different. I usually end up making something completely new for it too! You won't want to miss them!

The Missing Bunny Hunt (4/20 - 5/18) - This is a kids hunt. I have two gifts I'm giving out.

SL Discovery Hunt (5/1 - 6/30) - I've created two new items, a men and women's necklace. You'll want to get it while it's out for the hunt. After the hunt it'll be set out for regular price! (pics attached to this post)

Keys to the VIP (5/8 - 5/22) - I've blogged about this one before. You've got to pay a mere $200L to be a hunter but its SO worth it. There's a lot of awesome EXCLUSIVE gifts. I've also attached pics of the gifts I'll be giving out. Visit the LacieCakes main store to pay to participate at the kiosk.

Through the Looking Glass (5/25 - 7/4) - an Alice in wonderland theme'd hunt. I've got the men's gift finished but I'm still working on the women's gift!

The Storybook Hunt (6/1 - 6/25) - I really liked this hunt because it's not only you being able to get free stuff, you also collect and piece together a story. Awesome idea!

Fun in the Sun Hunt (6/1 - 6/30) - I'm not sure what gifts I'll be making for this but i'm pretty sure it'll be summer themed.

Visit the main store and click the signs for more info :)

Sorry this is a lazy post. The next one should be better :p