Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun In The Sun Grid Wide Hunt

The Fun In The Sun Grid Wide Hunt Starts: June 1st and Ends: June 30th 2009

I've created both a mens & womens item for this hunt. I wasn't feeling very inspired to create and one day I woke up with the "I'm on a boat" song in my head. My favorite part of the song is "I've got my swim trunks and my flippy floppies..." -- it cracks me up every time! SOOOO that's where I got my inspiration!

I decided to make a flip-flop necklace for the girl's (a diamond/platinum version & tropical colored/platinum version) and a swim trunks necklace for the guys. But it wasn't fair for the girl's to get two things and not the guys so I also made a tooth/fang necklace for the guys too!

Oh yeah!

For some extra fun -- I made a gesture that has my favorite part of the "i'm on a boat" song so you'll be getting that too! ^_^

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