Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Through the Looking Glass Grid Wide Hunt

My store has had the privelege to be accepted to a variety of grid wide hunts. Through the Looking Glass is one of those hunts. The theme is "Alice in Wonderland" - and her mad journey through second life xD

You can check out the official blog here:

And the bloggers at Love/Hate have graciously taken their time out to review the hunt items as well as offer some sneak peaks. Their blog is here:

On to the gifts I've created for this hunt!

I was pretty stumped as to what to create for the womens gift for this hunt. I watched Alice in Wonderland a couple times for inspiration and I just couldn't seem to come up with anything. Then a light bulb went off! Ding Ding Ding Ding! (obviously an alarm went off too lol). A headband! When I think of Alice - I always picture her with a headband on. So I got to work and created a color change headband! But I thought it was too simple so I wanted to throw something else in there so I also created a color variation of the "Betty"necklace I have for sale in my store (that and it matches with the headband quite nicely if I do say so myself).

The men's gift... well I had a lot of fun with that. Before you ask: "Lacie, WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING!?!?"... let me explain!!

I'm sure you're wondering if I've gone MAD with the men's gift I made for the "Through the looking glass" hunt. Perhaps I have ;) But let me explain! I wanted to make something novelty and REALLY FUN!

The "Through the looking glass" book is actually based around chess pieces. I figured it'd be fun to make a men's chain that featured a chess board and a "King" chess piece... as you can tell when you put the chain on, it's HUGE! Which made me laugh and think of Flava Flav's fashion of wearing super sized accessories. The next thing I thought of when it comes to Flava Flav's stylings is the infamous viking hat. I had to run with it, and made a Mad Hatter/Viking Hat to go with your new huge chain. That and it's only fair, the women got a necklace & something to wear on their head too! Oh and if anyone uses the men's gift for some kind of club event - if you win it - let me know!!! hehe.

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