Monday, May 4, 2009

LacieCakes - Grid Hunts

The following are gridwide hunts that my store is part of. Every hunt I put out something different. I usually end up making something completely new for it too! You won't want to miss them!

The Missing Bunny Hunt (4/20 - 5/18) - This is a kids hunt. I have two gifts I'm giving out.

SL Discovery Hunt (5/1 - 6/30) - I've created two new items, a men and women's necklace. You'll want to get it while it's out for the hunt. After the hunt it'll be set out for regular price! (pics attached to this post)

Keys to the VIP (5/8 - 5/22) - I've blogged about this one before. You've got to pay a mere $200L to be a hunter but its SO worth it. There's a lot of awesome EXCLUSIVE gifts. I've also attached pics of the gifts I'll be giving out. Visit the LacieCakes main store to pay to participate at the kiosk.

Through the Looking Glass (5/25 - 7/4) - an Alice in wonderland theme'd hunt. I've got the men's gift finished but I'm still working on the women's gift!

The Storybook Hunt (6/1 - 6/25) - I really liked this hunt because it's not only you being able to get free stuff, you also collect and piece together a story. Awesome idea!

Fun in the Sun Hunt (6/1 - 6/30) - I'm not sure what gifts I'll be making for this but i'm pretty sure it'll be summer themed.

Visit the main store and click the signs for more info :)

Sorry this is a lazy post. The next one should be better :p


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