Thursday, July 30, 2009

MM, Freebies, New Stuff, Oh My!

Oh blog, how I've missed you. I've been on vacation for the beginning part of the month, then slowly and very difficultly getting back into the swing of the ways of SL. Upon my return, I now have a MM board at my main store. I'm capping the clicks at 65 in order to get the prize. I'll be updating the gift fairly often so it doesn't get boring. Right now I have an eyebrow piercing/nose stud combo in the board. SO be sure to stop by to click your chance at receiving it free at midnight SLT!

Next order of business, FREEBIES! I have the "Slice of Summer" Hunt gift out at the store. There's both a men's and women's gift. And I also have the "Lost Slipper" Hunt gift (women's tiara's only) at the store (it'll be gone after midnight SLT tonight!). So you'll want to take a minute to grab these freebies :)

Last, a few new items! \o/

Here are the piccies! Have a Happy Day Everyone!

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