Friday, July 31, 2009

Teleport Problems Anyone?

I'm hoping I'm not the only one out there with this issue... If you're having the problem too I would highly suggest voting on the following JIRA I've found:

The Problem:
When wearing "highly scripted" attachments if I try to TP anywhere, I first get an error "Unable to complete your teleport request, please try again later". If I try to TP again too soon, I get an error "Teleporting is blocked". If I try to TP again before waiting at least 60 seconds I get logged out of SL.

Trouble Ticket Opened and Resolution Offered?
Sometimes, If I wait a few minutes without moving my avatar so my computer doesn't have load any new images, I can TP while I'm wearing the highly scripted attachments. Otherwise, I have to remove the attachements, TP, then put them back on (if I feel like it). OR I have to log out, then choose my destination sim via the login screen.

What "highly scripted" Attachments are you referring to?
  • Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine Shoes
  • My higher prim jewelry I create with a scripted HUD system for color/metal/gem change. (Each prim has a script in it to work with the HUD and listen to commands)
Since I own my own island I was able to do some investigating. I checked my avatar script time when I was wearing the highly scripted attachments and it was over 1 m/s. When I remove the heavily scripted attachments, my avatar script time falls under 1 m/s and I'm able to TP again.

The trouble for me didn't start until recently, because I *know* in the past my avi has been over the 1 m/s script time and I've had no problems TPing. SO WHAT CHANGED?! (not my computer, that's for sure!) *sighs* I just hope LL looks into it and it's resolved. It's business impacting not just to me but I'm sure to other people who sell scripted items.

As a side note. I'm able to teleport wearing scripted attachements. Just not as MANY scripted attachments :(

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