Friday, June 18, 2010

.:: LacieCakes ::. New Stuff 6-18-2010

LacieCakes has a ton of new items out for people of all ages!

For Kids - Girls the "Pretty in Pearls" set includes a necklace, earrings & bracelets. Purchase your favorite color for $199L each or get the money saver fat pack!

I've launched a new section to my store called "50L Forever!". This section is located with my "Outlet" section of my store. It is what the name suggests. I'm going to put exclusive recolors or convert an item that has the "EVOLVE" HUD into an "as-is" metal/gem combination and place it in this section for $50L... Forever! I won't be putting every product I make in here but I do want to offer some nice items on the cheap for those of you that might be low on lindens or just like to get a good deal :) The "Pretty in Pearls" recolored kids set for girls is the very first item I've placed in this section with more items to come in the future! Note: 50L Forever items will only be available at my main store in world. SLURL link below and in my blogspot sidebar :)

Another set for kids - girls called "Little Princess". An adorable multi-layerd necklace with an all prim tiara charm. Also includes a pair of bracelets and earrings. *LC* Evolve HUD compatible.

A new men's ring named "Alexii". It's set to attach to right hand but can easily be changed to left hand. It's a beautiful white & yellow gold ring with diamonds and realistic shadow details as well as bling on/off!

Some new adult - womens bangles with punky pyramids & spikes. Includes bracelets for both the left and right arm in a combination of silver, gold & black metals.

Another adult - womens set. The set is named after the May flickr photo contest winner "Brandi". They're simple offset circles adorned with diamonds. Perfect for every day casual wear. Available in world as a complete set or individually.

The final new release are "Bunny Gems" for those of you that are Ozimals bunny crazed XD Includes 3 different versions. Plain Gems, Gems with floating text you can modify so you can specify special features (I.E. "Blanc Mother") and Gems with floating text & a note card giver to share pedigree information with potential buyers. Gems are Modify/Copy/No Transfer and only $99L!

Thanks for taking the time to read this update!
Have a Happy Day!

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