Saturday, September 11, 2010

.:: LacieCakes ::. Wear Gray Items

The "Wear Gray" event starts soon!
When: 9-12 to 9-25
What: A gathering of SL designers from across the grid of all styles and genres, coming together for two weeks of fund raising to raise funds to go towards the American Brain Tumor Association to aide in the awareness, research and aiding those that suffer from brain tumors/cancer.

LacieCakes Items Sneak Peak!
I've made two brand new awareness necklaces in exclusive colors for the duration of "Wear Gray". You can find these two items only at the "Wear Gray" event in dedicated silver metal & diamond/gray ribbon for $159L each. 100% of sales proceeds to benefit Wear Gray.

Note: after the Wear Gray event is over, I will be offering a color/gem/metal change version of both of these necklaces for sale at my main store for a slightly higher price (no donation would be given for the sale of the color/gem/metal change version).

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