Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Special New Item! 9-1-09

Time is something that's extremely precious. You can spend it, but you can't exchange it, can't return it, and can't get it back. When it's gone, it's gone so it shouldn't be wasted. With that being said, here's a little something special you can get for yourself or your friends and family just to brighten their day, to show that you love them or "just because".

- "Sweet Somethings" - Set a message to play in open chat!
- *LC* Evolve Jewelry HUD - For Color, Metal & Gem Change and Bling on/off
- Sparkle Particles
- Sparkling Gem Effects
- Glow
- Some sculpted prims used

The "Lil' Bit of Heaven" Necklace is a labor of love that I share with you.

This creation is intended as a gift you can either give yourself or someone you love.
As a gift to yourself it can symbolize everything & everyone that you hold dear in your heart past or present.
As a gift to someone else, it's a way to let them know how much they mean to you.

There are tiny details inside the charm that have very special meanings to me:
The Rainbow - so your world can always be filled with with brightness & colors!
The Stars - so you always have a sparkle and a light for your path whatever journey you happen to be going on
The Cloud - for lightness of your mind & spirit no matter how heavy things may seem
The Shamrock - for extra luck
The Butterfly - so your troubles can fly away, for beauty and because Angel's have wings
The Gems - for all the people that have mattered and do matter most to you, because the people we love are priceless
The Coins at the bottom - for wealth, not just monetary but in friendship, love & happiness
The Blue Sky at the bottom - for a beautiful sunshine filled day
The Bottle - is something that you can use to store or collect things, whether it be memories of those we've lost, or the memories we continue to make today :) I've collected a "Lil' Bit of Heaven" so you can always carry these symbols around with you wherever you go.
The Name of the Necklace: is in honor of my grandfather and everyone that I love and am lucky to call a friend. Because to me they are all my "Lil' Bit of Heaven" here on Earth :)

Whatever meaning this necklace brings to you, I hope you enjoy this design.
<3 LacieCakes

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