Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mouse World Tiki Room - WOW!

I think I have the weirdest sleeping patterns ever, but I really felt I needed to share this with anyone who happens to stumble on my blog!! I went to update my satellite locations at Tomorrowland & Frontierland in "Mouse World" in secondlife... and as I was finishing up I stumbled upon the newly opened "Enchanted Tiki Room" they have there. It was quite possibly the most enjoyable 10 minutes of relax time I've had in a long time! The attraction itself really utilizes lighting and full bright effects and is simply spectacular! If you're bored... check it out!! I've attached a couple of pictures... the pictures aren't me playing with my lighting settings, that's actually what the attraction does on its own!!! But seriously, pictures don't do it justice whatsoever. If you decide to check it out sometime, make sure you click to get your Pre-Loader HUD and attach that... and have your inworld settings set to midnight. I stop by mouse world pretty often so if I happen to see you there wearing a LacieCakes item, you MIGHT get a free gift card ^_^

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