Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day (June 21) & NEW JEWELRY HUD!

First, I want to announce that I have a BRAND NEW JEWELRY HUD that is SUPER FANTASTIC AND AWESOME!! ^_^

It does color change, metal change, gem change & bling on and off. Instead of having to click the item you're wearing (necklace, earrings, bracelet), it changes all *LC* Evolve compatible jewelry pieces. The cool thing is, it doesnt have the blue drop down menu's. You actually get a little picture preview of your options! I'll do a much longer posting on this HUD later (including screenshots).

On to the next order of business.... Father's Day is tomorrow (June 21, 2009). SO - the FIRST item i've released with this new system is the "DAD" Bracelet. It's on sale until June 22 for ONLY 99L (After that the price will be going up to normal $149L). Which in my opinion, either way it's a steal because with all the options you get with the new HUD it's like having a hundred different bracelets all in one. You can make it Gold with Sapphires or Chrome with Diamonds or really anything that you want!

So stop on by the store and pick this gift for Dad to tell him how much you love him (not just on Father's Day but every day) *happyface*


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