Wednesday, December 2, 2009

.:: LacieCakes ::. Stockings & Stuffers! 12-2-2009

Warning: Only availble in world at my main store

Christmas stockings have always been one of my favorite holiday traditions. It's always fun to get small, goofy gifts :) In light of that, I've created a fun new twist to gift giving!!

Step 1: Choose a stocking & buy (boxing directions included with purchase)

Step 2: Choose inexpensive stocking stuffers and buy -- they come preboxed in a "lump of coal". (you may want to rename it before boxing it into your stocking, suggestions & boxing directions included with purchase)

Hug Me Panda: $25L
Diamond Earrings: $25L
Scarf & Mittens (Adult): $25L
Scarf & Mittens (Kids): $25L
Bag of Candy NomNom: $50L
Dolla Billz NomNom: $50L
Mini Stocking NomNom: $50L

Step 3: Do you have other gifts that need a "disguise"? Purchase the "Lump of Coal" dollarbie to box your holiday gifts in! (boxing directions included with purchase) -- example in store

Step 4: Place your boxed "lump of coal" gifts inside your stocking (or gift box of your own). If you display your stocking or gift box in world like I do, the true identity of the gifts you're giving out this year is hidden! If someone inspects the stocking or gift box, all they can see they're getting is a "lump of coal" ;) -- example stocking in store with boxed "lump of coal" gift inside of it

ALSO: Don't forget, the clearance sale is still going on at the main store. Many of the items being clearanced out are also transferrable and would make good stocking stuffers!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did creating it!
Happy Holidays!

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