Tuesday, September 16, 2008

LacieCakes first Post

I've decided to not be lazy and I've finally created this blogger page for my Second Life store
.:: LacieCakes ::.

My main store in the past six months has moved from place to place, but I've finally found a permanent home (unless I happen to run out of prims, again) hehe. Here is where you can find the LacieCakes sim:


My store offers jewelry for men, women and kid avatars. My most famous kid items are my mischief sets such as: The messy room kit, The sugar rush candy kit and more! Although, I've gotten into plenty of trouble from my SL parents as an adult with them ;P

I'll be trying to keep this as updated as possible with new releases and information on when I'll be having sales, although most of the time - I have my sales last minute, so it's really best to search my group in world and join and keep up with notices.

Just an FYI - The sim IS a mature sim but is family friendly for the most part. There is an "Adults Only" area marked with signs and at the moment that area is for the club I have on the sim called "The Hang Out". My point is, I'm not responsible for the content that child avatars are subject to. Signs are posted throughout the sim with the sim rules - and if anyone see's any illegal or inappropriate behavior outside of the adults only area, I ask that it be reported to me immediately so I can handle it as soon as I log on.

Well, here's my first post... I'll be adding more later!


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